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Sun Sentinel wrote...SoFla Entrepreneur claims she invented a better hair accessory with Yor-Do:

Toni Chayeb is confident her Yor-Do is better than all the pretenders out there. As a matter of fact, she's just plain confident.

"In my family there were no limits because you were a woman," said Chayeb who has been a paraglegal, fashion designer, pilot and now, entrepreneur.

What she came up with is a hair helper with a couple of rows of extra "teeth" on both sides of the comb. "It's better because it covers the whole crown of the head," explained Chayeb from her Coral Gables home. "It's more stable. It stays clipped. It's kind of like a yarmulke."

But that wasn't the impetus for the idea that she started developing 5 years ago. "I just love all those 50's and 60's looks with the hair up," said Chayeb, who is a Miami native of Venezuelan descent. "I always think of my mom dressed to the nines and with her hair in perfect order. And I wanted to do that too. I wanted to wear my hair in a French twist, but I don't have a lot of hair."...